Our vision 


Quantum Computing is not an evolution of traditional or high-performance computing which would calculate faster and faster!

It is a completely new way of addressing and solving complex problems. It is a new Paradigm which will unlock new ways of looking at current Business issues and, even more, to create use-cases that were not imaginable before. It is a disruption!

Quantum Computing is not only a technology for chemical research or financial institutions but also for all companies of any size, of any industry, which have data to analyze, combine and optimize.

The Quantum revolution has started, we do think Companies should start their Quantum Journey and plan for the future early enough to get maximum value when Quantum Computing will be “at scale”.

Therefore, the QbitSoft’s goal is to help Companies to start now, experimenting QC algorithms for selected use cases, and to support them throughout the rise of QC Technology from today to Large Scale Quantum (LSQ) era.


Our offerings

1# Quantum Consulting Services

QbitSoft is providing a three steps approach to help companies to start their Quantum Journey. Each module can be selected one by one or combined all together :
  • Quantum Discovery
    This module aims to create Quantum awareness within your organization and to better understand the value of QC in your industry. At the end of this module, teams should be able to propose a list of valuable Quantum use-cases for your company.


  • Quantum Insight
    This module aims to go deeper in some selected use-cases, to analyze their potential, to enrich them, to build tentative Business cases and to help teams to select the best promising ones to go deeper in the experimentation phases.


  • Quantum Value
    This module aims to demonstrate the real value of Quantum Computing by selecting one use-case among these assessed in module 2 and to implement it, real, at a small scale, on Quantum Computers to run the Business Case and proof value.

2# Quantum as a Service Platform (QaaS)

QbitSoft will provide access to a unique QaaS Cloud-based platform (to be released in 2024) :
  • sourcing multiple Quantum Computing hardware’s capabilities,
  • offering a set of Industry based applications for the most QC-relevant use-cases,
  • providing a two-level access depending on enterprise skills sets: “ready to use” industry use-cases powered by Quantum or “direct access” to powerful algorithms to support developers in areas like Machine Learning or Optimization,
  • easy to connect to the current Enterprise’s Information systems through API’s allowing Enterprises to use QbitSoft’s Quantum applications as “booster modules” to their current application portfolios,
  • based on a very simple ‘quantum token’ based pricing approach to help Companies to manage with agility and predictability their spending’s.

QbitSoft Research team will select, enhance and develop its own algorithms for selected use-cases in specific industries but the QbitSoft platform will also propose a selection of Partner Solutions on many other industries. The goal is to simplify Quantum adoption for Enterprises of different sizes and from different industries. Many of the selected algorithms will be jointly developed in Partnership with Industry Anchor Clients.

QbitSoft’s intent is to make the Quantum world easier for most companies by managing the complexity of choosing the right algorithms and right hardware’s to solve Business issues and by providing a single cloud-based platform approach to simply consume ‘Quantum Power’ from experimentation to ‘at scale’ production.

Be part of the future.

At QbitSoft, we are here to help you join the Quantum Computing revolution.

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